What to expect in your first occupational therapy session?

consulting with clinician

Seeing a new therapist for a consult may bring about different emotions. To some, it is the fear of hearing the same diagnosis or plan all over again. Visiting a new therapist most often brings about hope, embracing changes in the journey towards recovery.

To calm your nerves as you make your way to our centre, we will walk through with you on what you can expect on your first visit to our advanced neurorehabilitation occupational therapy centre.


Prior to your visit, we would have called you up for a friendly chatter to get to know you and your condition. Typically questions like “Are you able to walk independently?”, “Are you able to understand simple instructions?” and most importantly, to catch a quick medical history and confirm the affected side of the upper limb. We would also advise to bring any discharge memo or doctor’s report on the first visit.

Upon Arrival

You will be guided through the registration process and be greeted by our friendly occupational therapist!

As a rule of thumb, our occupational therapist will conduct a short medical history interview to understand your rehabilitation needs better. She may also have a quick chat with your caregiver to know more about your day-to-day activities or assistance that they may require. After which, our therapist will get to conduct a general assessment of your physical and cognitive abilities to gauge if you are fit to undergo our therapy programme.

She will introduce the technologies we used at the centre and the methodologies she will use to run her therapy programme. Not to worry, you will get to try on these devices!

Opportunity to try various rehabilitation technology

As part of our first consultation visit, you will get a chance to try on our various technologies. Our therapist will explain the benefits of these devices when incorporated with your therapy sessions and types of treatments that are suitable for you.

Understanding your goals

Towards the end of the consultation session, our therapist will discuss with you on possible therapy programmes at our centre and also your therapy goals. It is very important for both the therapist and yourself to manage expectations as you embark on your rehabilitation journey. This includes but not limited to the duration of the rehabilitation programme, frequency, intensity and type of treatments provided by our occupational therapist.

At the end of the session, we hope to gather some feedbacks from you and hope you would embark in your journey towards recovery with us!

If you would like to have a glimpse of what our advance occupational therapy centre can offer, book a slot now with us! Alternatively, you may also give us a call at 69706593 or hop on to our contact page to send us an inquiry.

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