An Occupational Therapy centre
driven by technology

We are the first neurorehabilitation centre in Singapore that offers world class upper limb Occupational Therapy programmes with cutting edge technologies. To meet the rising demands of therapy, we have garnered a global network of rehabilitative technology suppliers and renowned international rehabilitation centres to assist us in guiding patients like you to achieve your therapy goals. A place where engineers meet therapists in technology, our highly experienced occupational therapist will provide personalised therapy services based on advanced brain and muscle assessment technologies. Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre also extends our programmes to your homes, perhaps in the future, telemedicine services.


To be a therapy centre at the forefront of neurorehabilitation technology, forging independence and dignity back to patient’s lives.


stroke occupational therapy
occupational therapy session for stroke rehab


Providing patients access to technology-driven neurorehabilitation solutions with state-of-the-art upper limb Occupational Therapy technologies.

Specialised in Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care

Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre specialises in post-stroke recovery rehabilitation programme and dementia care programme. We aim to bridge the gap of accessible therapy after hospital care with personalised plan and space for clients’ to embark on their recovery journey.

Technology Driven Space

In Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre, we focus on the Occupational Therapy domain of neurorehabilitation, primarily, on the upper limb. We believe that traditional therapy, in combination with the use of state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology, can enhance patient’s therapy experience and instill independence in patients, while paving their way to achieve their therapy goals regardless of their condition.

occupational therapy sunball exercise
occupational therapy exercise