Dementia Care

Dementia Care at Cygni Advance Neurorehabilitation Centre encompasses and all-rounder approach targeting physical, cognitive, and social interventions. It has been widely proven that all these 3 components need to be targeted to prevent or to maintain dementia. We provide 2 types of therapy for clients with dementia: 

1. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) 

We provide an evidence-based program called Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) which has been modified in-house to suit our local context. It is an effective, non-drug treatment and it offers a range of multisensory experiences across 14 sessions in small groups or as a private session. Each session lasts for an hour and focuses on a different theme to stimulate new thoughts and processes through self-learning in an encouraging environment. We also provide materials which can be brought back by yourself or the caregiver for follow up at home.



2. Shopping Along Orchard Road 

We believe that people with dementia should be given the opportunity to explore the environment beyond their homes to maintain their dignity and their quality of life. Hence, here at Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre, we are well-positioned to provide support in bringing your loved ones on a trip along Orchard Road with our therapist. A combination of physical, cognitive, sensory, and social approach will be adopted during the trip to provide a balance of cognitive stimulation, exercise as well as enjoyment in the process. A cognitive assessment will be done prior to the program to ensure activities are being tailored according to their cognitive and physical abilities.


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