Occupational Therapy

PEOP model occupational therapy

Adapted from Baum et al (2015) as our core concept for Occupational Therapy rehabilitation, we value how various factors including the environment, occupation (daily activities which clients value and perform), person (the physical or cognitive abilities) and performance (actual act of doing the task) interacts. Often during impairment, these factors are out of balance. We help to provide rehabilitation to balance the various factors and to achieve your personal rehabilitation goals.

We introduce rehabilitation technology into your environment as part of your rehabilitation journey to aid in bringing you closer to your goals.

Learn more about this model at Lifelong Learning With OT.

Key Reference:

Baum, C. M., Christiansen, C. H., & Bass, J. D. (2015). The Person-Environment-Occupation- Performance (PEOP) model. In C. H. Christiansen, C. M. Baum, & J. D. Bass (Eds.), Occupational therapy: Performance, participation, and well-being (4th ed., pp. 49-56). Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Incorporated


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